Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Recent studies indicate  that celiac disease affects approximately 1 % of the North American population. Gluten Intolerance may afflict as many as another 5% of the population.   The following is a list of common symptoms that some people experience.  Remember that symptoms are not a diagnosis! Discuss  your symptoms with your doctor.

DON'T start a gluten or wheat  free diet BEFORE you investigate with your health professional.  Currently the tests for celiac disease measure the body's response to gluten, so if you don't eat gluten,the test result will be inaccurate.  Talk  first!

Celiac Symptoms


  •      Anemia
  •      Bloating
  •      Cankers
  •      Constipation
  •      Depression
  •      Diarrhoea
  •      Fatigue
  •      Flatulence
  •      Headaches
  •      Itchy skin
  •      Joint pain
  •      Lactose intolerance
  •      Migraines
  •      Mouth ulcers
  •      Muscle cramps
  •      Numbness
  •      Nutrient deficiency
  •      Rashes
  •      Osteoporosis
  •      Sore Stomach
  •      Swelling
  •      Sjogren's Syndrome
  •      Tooth enamel defect
  •      Vomiting
  •      Weight loss/gain

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