"Simply Celiac: Your Easy Guide to Gluten and Wheat Free Living was written by someone who she has years of " hands-on" in making food happen in all sort of challenging environments and in knowing the power of nutrition in people's lives.

Laurie started her working career as a student  the food service front lines - everything from running an ice cream truck in Pittsburgh to a pub in Scotland. 

As a graduate dietitian, she was given the opportunity  of a lifetime - to work in France, with a nutrition team that did both research and hospital work. Her years spent in France, not only  inabled her to speak French more fluently,  but  were instructive in teaching her more about food.  Years later, she retains an affection for  both her friends in France and  an appreciation of French food and wine.

On her return to Canada, she became a senior manager of food services in a wide variety of food environments - pubs, university cafeterias, schools, and business catering across the Maritimes and Ontario.  

On her move to British Columbia she set up her own nutrition consulting business - helping clients find workable solutions to their nutritional challenges - such as addiction recovery, weight loss, or athletic pursuits. In addition she focused on new information on nutrition's role in macular degeneration, cancer prevention, and heart disease.
In her own personal growth, she discovered ten years ago that she had celiac disease, so she researched and developed a plan to help herself and others make the change.

The book - Simply Celiac: Your Easy Guide to Gluten & Wheat Free Living is the result. In it she infuses the  book with enthusiasm for new food and new experiences. She encourages us all to enjoy life: gluten - free or not.
Academic Credentials and Professional Affiliations
Her academic credentials include:
Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours - Nutrition) University of Guelph
Graduate Internship at the Montreal General Hospital
Diploma in Media Writing and Communications, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario
Professional membership in  the College of Dietitians of British Columbia, and Dietitians of Canada.


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