Simply Celiac: Your Easy Guide to Gluten & Wheat Free Living

It's hard to write a simple book about a complex subject!

This book is an incredibly valuable addition to people adapting to the gluten free life  - and their family and friends. It ensures that everyone has the facts and the simple practical basics to start or continue gluten - free life. 


Quickly discover: 

aTM| Simple explanations of  celiac disease, gluten, and wheat allergies. 

aTM| How to find gluten free food - anywhere!  Corner stores, grocery stores, health food stores or the internet.

aTM| Strategies so you can safely "eat out gluten free"  whether at the mall food fair or five-star restaurant.

aTM| Simple recipes for essential baked goods - scones, cookies, biscotti that will even please food "experts".

aTM| Tactics to ensure safe gluten-free trips by  car, planes, or cruise ships.

aTM| Trustworthy web resources, and celiac support groups. 

aTM| What to say to your family, friends and co-workers about gluten - free life.


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"It is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple"
Dr. Albert Schweitzer

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