Simple Gluten and Wheat-Free Life

Join me in the adventure of gluten and wheat -free life.

I chose to go gluten-free because I have celiac disease.  As a dietitian I have met  both fellow celiacs and  other individuals who have a gluten or wheat intolerance. We all have been given a great opportunity.  We can feel great, renew our energy, and avoid really annoying symptoms. We just have to eat better and become more knowledgable about food. That's not a bad deal!  

On the website you will find::

  • Simply Celiac - Your Easy Guide to Gluten & Wheat Free Living  The Guide is designed for people just starting the gluten and wheat free life, their friends and families, and for people who just want to understand it. Look at what others say about the book. You can order it directly from Black Crow Books in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They will  guide you through their secure purchasing site, and mail it to you promptly. 
  • Biography  Check out who I am - dietitian and celiac!
  • Celiac Symptoms  A handy tool to check out what you will be missing when you go gluten-free.
  • Events   There is lots to do in the gluten-free world. Join me as I fill this space in this summer with great things - restaurants, and community events that you can try out for yourself. Part of future events will be up-to- date travel advice. Anyone who wants to see the world is going to have to do lots of research  and then get out there and try it.  Let's make it happen.
  • Contact   Let me know what happens to you - about the book, about travel- about new products happen.
With the right knowledge, you can travel anywhere in the world - gluten- free.

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